Cruelty Free Chinese Medicine

All Herbal Medicines Prescribed in this practice also must meet the following criteria:

  1. Produced from a factory Inspected Annually by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration
  2. Be produced to the high standards of Australian Good Manufacture Principles G.M.P.
  3. Be Organic or Bio dynamic or at least ‘AAA’ Grade export quality herbal quality
  4. Be batch tested at the factory and certified free of Heavy Metals, Viruses & Bacterium
  5. Be free of any animal parts
  6. Be from sustainable sources

Stephen is the founder of Cruelty Free Medicine, an information organisation that provides practitioners and the public with information about how to source Cruelty Free Medicines. Stephen believes that any medicine that is good for you should also be good for the other beings we share the planet with and the planet itself.

Definition of Cruelty Free Medicine

Definition of Cruelty Free Medicine:
For a medicine to qualify as acceptable it needs to comply with certain conditions.

Each product:

  1.  Not derived from any animal killed for the extraction of that ingredient;
    Not extracted from an animal in any manner.
  2.  Not tested on Animals
  3.  Not from Wildlife
  4.  Not the by-products of the fur industry or a slaughterhouse
  5.  Not any plant or any animal that is listed as endangered or a threatened species

This list will be updated as the think tanks of Health Professionals invited to be part of this group make recommendations.