Stephen Phillips

About Stephen Phillips.

Dr Stephen Phillips (Chinese Medicine)
Australian Government Registered Allied Health #CMR0001731623

– Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner
– Registered Acupuncture Practitioner
– Registered Chinese Herbal Dispenser


Born in Australia, Stephens’s love affair with the East began early. In 1976 he had some lessons in Judo & Karate and was also lucky enough to meet a Yoga teacher who instructed him in the basics of Yoga and Meditation.Although he was living in country NSW Australia he sought out one of Australia’s leading Tae Kwon Do teachers and with the help of some older friends began training earnestly three nights a week.

It was not long until he earned his first Black belt at the ripe old age of 19.  Not long after he was appointed as a Black belt instructor and conducted classes both in the city and the university sports campus and  6 classes a week with over 50 full time students.

His interest in the Eastern way of life strengthened as he learned more from the Chinese herbalists who treated his training injuries.
Fascinated by the accompanying philosophy, he began searching for ways to train his inner world. In 1984, some say by accident,(but that’s another story) he was introduced to a Buddhist  teacher who began his reglar training in meditation and for a few years friends and family watched his fascination turn into a bit of an obsession. With regular retreats to explore his own psyche, he rediscovered the source of happiness in life and much of his own dissatisfaction.
In 1995,after a cathartic trip to work on a seminar with the singer/ songwriter John Denver, he decided to undertake serious study and make a career change.

Finally bringing together his love for physical training and the practices of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, he began to do what he loved full time.
Stephen has Tertiary qualifications in:

Dr Stephen Phillips (Chinese Medicine)

  • Acupuncture  – (Australia Government Registered Acupuncture Practitioner)
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine (Australia Government Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner)
  • Herbal Dispensing   (Authorized to compound herbs for other Doctors) Gov Registered
  • Shiatsu Therapy       (Diploma Zen Shiatsu)
  • Remedial Massage  (Diploma Remedial Massage including Sports & Therapeutic)
  • Chinese Remedial Massage    ( Part of Chinese Medicine Studies Registered Practitioner AACMA)
  • Meditation                                     ( Teacher for NSW Buddhist Society 15 years)
  • Ren Shen Dao Tai Chi & Kung Fu                     (Shifu & Master Instructor Ren Shen Dao)
  • Qi Gong Teachers  Certification
  • President of the Australian Association of Tai Ji Quan